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Clémence Farrell Agency


Clémence Farrell Agency is a creative platform that brings together a highly skilled core team and more occasional collaborators. We build talented teams to suit each unique project specification.
Clemence Farrell Agency draws on a network of museum specialists and consultant designers, interior designers, graphic designers, specialists in interactive devices, writers and lighting designers.
Clemence Farrell has regularly collaborated with designers Ich&Kar (with whom she was awarded the prestigious Hachette Foundation Young Multimedia Designer Prize) as well as artists such Christian Boltanski, and directors and actors Denis and Razerka Lavant.

Clémence Farrell

Clémence Farrell


In 1996, Clemence Farrell graduated in Scenography from the National Superior School of Decorative Arts in Paris. From 1995 to 2008, she worked alongside artistic directors as a set designer and render artist for international commercials designed by respected creative director Jan Houllevigue.
With invaluable experience gained in the film industry she uses her experience as a designer and designer of interactive devices to find creative solutions for clients. In addition to drawings and sketches Clemence Farrell places a strong emphasis on good communications with all involved, through every project phase.
For each exhibition Clemence Farrell builds a fresh perspective on the content and the space. The meaning of objects and spaces, their expression and the sensations they provide to visitors are key to her approach when devising her scenic creations.